Blog Tips: 10 Things To Double Check Before Publishing Your Blog Post + FREE Printable Checklist

In a bloggers world, breaking a story and being the “first” is what keeps many glued to their computer screens well-passed 8-hours a day. However, when it comes to “blogging” or content creating, I personally choose quality over quantity. There are dozens of sites out there that always seem to have the latest news or the best headlines, but their site is over saturated with too much info! I always feel “lost” or I find myself trying to figure out what their site is actually about.

When I lurk through endless blog posts, I always seem to come across simple errors that may have been overlooked and totally deflates the tone set for the write-up. I do it too!! Sometimes I’ve been staring at my computer screen for far too long and I’ll miss a typo. (Ugh!) Grammatical errors including spelling could leave a bad impression on your readers as they may feel you lack expertise. Either way, none of this is good.

So let’s put an end to this shit and make our readers proud!

Here are 10 things to ask yourself before pressing “publish” on your next blog post:



1.  First things first, Have you proof-read your article for punctuation errors and typo’s?

Seriously! It’s great to break news, or put out that original post idea, but it’s also better to have a well-written piece that can be circulated without thousands of viewers noticing your mistake. Nothing gives me more anxiety than to tweet or post something with a typo and seeing it retweeted. (Internal screams) A really dope tool (I discovered today) to use for spell checking is Grammarly. It’s an app for your internet browser and does not require WordPress. (say word!)

2. Is your title (headline) SEO friendly? 

This step is so critical, especially if you want to see your traffic increase. Are your focus keywords written throughout your post a few times? This will help google and other search engines rank your post higher on their search result pages. Who doesn’t want to be on google’s first page? Get that SEO in order and download the Yoast SEO plugin.

3. Did you include a pinnable image?

Sharing your content on Pinterest will increase your traffic and views dramatically. By installing the Pinterest “Pin It” plugin, your readers and subscribers will be able to pin your image to their Pinterest boards and share your content with their pinners. Thousands of blogs have not only increased their traffic, but their numbers of subscribers have doubled and tripled by implementing this small, but effective tool. Pin It!

4. Did you add a caption (title) ATL text and link to your images?

Another key thing to do especially for Pinterest and google image search results. When you add a title, atl text, and link this will take the clicker directly back to your site, and attach the image to your domain. This way if a person looks up an image rather than a headline, they will still be taken to your website. (sweet!) The ALT text also appears when you pin your image on Pinterest. This allows the pinner to see exactly what the pin is about rather than reading “IMG_111”.

5. Have you included internal links? (click backs)

Setting internal links is another way to get more views on your older and featured posts. This is also super good for your SEO if you set the anchor text (the word being used for the link) as a the keyword in your linked post. I love this little tip because it allows me to share things with you like the Top 30 Most Influential Books Every Female Entrepreneur Should Read. 🙂

6. Did you add your affiliate links?

This step is amazing for bloggers who engage with their readers by recommending products they love. Of course, you do not want to overload your post with affiliate links, but here and there is perfectly fine and profitable. If someone clicks on the affiliate link you set in the post, you will receive a small portion of the amount they spent. It’s a really dope and great way to connect with retailers and make a little extra cash.

7. Have you tested your links?

Now that you have your internal links, and affiliate links in place, you’ll want to test them out when you “preview” your post. This way you can be sure the reader is directed to the correct site. Also, another great tool to use for checking links is to download the “Broken Link Checker” plugin. This feature will automatically check your entire site for broken links each sign in. This way you’ll never send someone to the wrong place, or nowhere at all.

8. Do you have a call-to-action?

A call to action is basically telling your reader what they should do next at the end of your post. Would you like them to drop a few words in the comment section? (YES!), then simply ask. This is a great way to engage with your readers and build a community. Ask your readers questions. Let them know what you would like them to do next. Is it to sign up for your newsletter?  Subscribe to your blog post? Take on a challenge? Ask and you shall receive!

9. Have you properly set your social media handles for publicizing?

In the publish section of WordPress, you will see “publicize”. Be sure to set up your social media handles and custom message in settings to circulate your content once published. If you have other options for social sharing such as; Hootsuite, Latergramme etc, then you can use those tools to publicize your content as well. Check us out @dreamchasehers (on everything!)

10. Double Proofread EVERYTHING!

Okay so now you’re ready to post. You’ve done your initial proofread and you’ve checked everything else off this list– time to double check your work. There’s no better feeling than finding a last minute mistake before pressing “publish”. Knowing that you’ve crossed all of your T’s and dotted your I’s, you can now move confidently in the direction of releasing your content to the masses.

Press Publish, You’re ready to go.

Finally! my gift to you: click HERE for your FREE  printable “Post Publishing Checklist” 


Do you have any other suggestions or tips to share before publishing your content? Let me know in the comment section below. 🙂


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