How To Invest In Your Blog/Brand On A Budget

Becoming an entrepreneur can be stressful and expensive.

So, to save you time and money, I’ve put together this bomb ass list of resources to get your blog or brand up and running for $50 and under.




Domain Name

Grabbing a domain name is such an exciting feeling right? After spending every second thinking of the “perfect” blog name,  seeing it “available” to buy is the first step to getting your shit off the ground. This will cost you anywhere between $7-$12. Luckily, there are some really great hosting sites that will offer you a free hosting package with the purchase of your domain name.

Here are a few choices used by some of today’s top blogs and brands:




Self Hosting

Picking the right hosting platform can be a smooth move if you make the right choice. Over the years I’ve had my experiences with hosting sites. Although I cannot legally tell you which one to choose, I will say ask around and see what the majority of people in your industry are using, then make your decision. Self hosting will take your blog from to — this way your blog or brand looks way more official. Self hosting ranges from $7-$10/mo. or you could pay a one time annual fee and not worry about the occurring monthly fee.

Personally, I use Godaddy for my self hosting and I also purchased my domain name through their platform as well.

However, here are a few other choice that bloggers use:




White Poster Board (for a clean, crisp backdrop)

This may seem like a simple little method, but it is highly effective. If you’re taking photos of products or setting up for a cool feature image, you can’t get better or cheaper than this. Head over to your local Staples or Michael’s (my fav) and get the perfect backdrop for under $10.


Lighting Kit

Speaking of products! Take pictures of your products like a boss with this cool ass lighting kit from Amazon. It’s under $25 and will help you serve or slay your brand flawlessly.


Lens for your smartphone

Again, it’s time to take your photos to the next level. Photos that are visually appealing will increase your blogs traffic because, duh.. who doesn’t like to click on pretty pictures? Amazon has a few popular lens’ under $40 that you can use on any smartphone and look like a professional blogger.


VSCO Camera App

This is a FREE camera app with available add-on’s. It’s a really dope app because it allows you to edit photos and film as well as navigate with your selfie stick. Download it for Androids and iPhones


Manual App

Manual app is simply, dope. Perfect for straight shooters. It is the ultimate camera app for bloggers on the go. Also, It turns your smartphone’s camera into a DSLR for only $1.99! Yes, please!


PicArt App for Photos

I live by this app! Not only is it FREE-ninety-nine, it has the best filters and collages to help you style the right image or make an unforgettable quote. Download it now for Android & iPhone.


Canva & PicMonkey Image Creator

Seriously, I live by these two platforms and they are FREE! If you don’t have photoshop or adobe illustrator don’t worry! Canva is the ultimate picture creator! I use it for everything! Even the pretty dope feature image used in this post. You can create pictures for printing, png, and even pdf. They have hundreds of pre-created templates that will making images easier and tons of designs to choose from. Again, I cannot stress how much I love Canva! Then there’s PicMonkey. PicMonkey is another great image creator but it’s especially great for making logo’s. Both platforms allow you to upload your own fonts (when you create a premium account) and they both come with cool pre-loaded fonts too.



There is nothing better than perfecting your craft or acquiring a new skill. With platforms like Skillshare or Udemy, you can virtually find any type of class you’re looking for. Of course there are free options, but some classes are as low as $12. Skillshare has a free trail base and then it’s $10/mo thereafter. However, Udemy is totally Free and painless. I personally took a few digital marketing classes for free through Udemy and loved em’!


Business Cards

Believe it nor not, business cards are still a major key. Yes it’s super easy to link someone to your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat or Linkedin profiles, but what says “official” more than a business card. Remember, you represent your brand at all times, so make sure you represent your business professionally. I’ve been using Vistaprint for the past 10 years for my business needs and I absolutely love them. They offer business cards starting at $16. Over the years they’ve added a lot of other stationary goods for your business purposes, but overall they’re the bomb. Then there’s Moo. Moo allows you to create business cards on #fleek. With dozens of templates and inspiration, they provide high quality business cards to make you really look like a girlboss.


Quality Stock Photos

Read this and read this very carefully. If you do not own a photo, you CAN be sued for using another persons photo. How do you get around that? There are thousands of FREE photos you can use to create the perfect image or USE YOUR OWN. This is another major key in blogging because everyone wants free photos, however, because of this you’ll see a lot of the same images used on blogs. Separate your brand by taking your own photos.


Do you have any cool ways to blog on a budget? Let me know in the comment section below!



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