10 Business Apps Every GirlBoss Should Have

The life of a Girl Boss can be extremely hectic. From scheduling meetings, making appointments, conference calls, emails, and deadlines– It sometimes feels impossible to mentally digest everything. However, as the masters of multi-taking we always feel up to the challenge, but why not have a little more assistance?

Tech applications have been god-sent and their functionalities can make our day to day lives easier with just the click of a button– download.

Need an assistant by your side at all times? Here’s a list of 10 must have Business Apps for every Girl Boss.






I swear by this app!

Hootsuite makes social network multi-taking a breeze. I am able to schedule future post and not worry if my content will get out there on time.

Hootsuite links all your social media accounts so you can send a message to them all simultaneously. It also allows you to synchronise your calendar and pre-set the dates for when your messages are sent.

It’s Awesome. Try it.

Download Hoosuite




Now you don’t have to freak out over loosing, or  worrying about hoarding receipts.

Once you take a picture of your receipt, Expensify uses SmartScan technology to add the details to a virtual database. All you have to do is choose what folder or section the expense belongs in and this pocket accountant will compile hassle free expense reports for your business.

Lost your receipt? Don’t worry about it!, this genius app lets you import the expense from your credit card statement and creates the necessary documentation for the purchase. Also, if you’re traveling, the app facilitates automatic currency conversion.

Download Expensify




One of the greatest apps!! Dropbox is a cloud storage system for anything and everything.

It gives you access to all your files in one place. Dropbox is one of those essential apps for business that transcends the professional into the personal.

Everyone can find a reason why they should use Dropbox.

Download Dropbox




Awesome Note is a well-designed organizer with a built-in calendar, to-do list, party-planning section, and photo journal.

Plus there are tabs for anniversary reminders and travel diaries.

Download Awesome Note



Azeus Convene


Azeus Convene allows you to conduct meetings that are paperless, efficient and secure from anywhere.

As well as impromptu meetings it can also handle the whole meeting process from scheduling through to follow-up actions.

Download Azeus Convene









While Awesome Note is great for life organization, you’re going to want to use Evernote for your professional life. The app can sync all your notes across multiple devices and computers, and it helps you scan business cards and search for anything.

Evernote converts swear by it.

Download Evernote




Highly Suggested!

Need to put together a Newsletter, product announcement, or event email list? Mailchimp has everything you need.

MailChimp is designed to be responsive and mobile compatible to allow you to work with the full application from your mobile devices.

From your tablet, you’re able to create and edit campaigns using the Drag and Drop Editor, view and edit your lists, make account changes, and more.

Download Mailchimp




So, I have a  really dope friend that knows what’s going on almost every night in places like Boston, New York, and LA. Nakia Takes NY keeps us connected to the hottest events, parties, and restaurants.

Now you can be that person with YPlan. The event-discovery app helps you figure out what to do — from comedy shows to concerts. And the best part is, you can get tickets straight from the app.




Here is your personal assistant for business trips or a much-needed vacation.

TripIt takes the stress out of planning. Just send your flight details, train tickets and hotel confirmation to the app and it will automatically generate the perfect itinerary for your journey.

You can add notes, links or address recommendations at the touch of a button and the app even gives you directions and weather information about your destination.

For the more frequent flyer, the paid Pro version will also provide flights details and even find you a new seat should your plane be grounded. Now you can start actually enjoying those long-haul business meetings again!

Download Tripit




Sick of using Word to update your resume or cover letter? Well, now you can use a beautifully designed app to write your resume instead.

Levo Resume syncs with LinkedIn and provides you with tons of resume-building and career advice. You can create your resume on the app, and then download it as a PDF to email or share it. Simple.

Download Levo Resume


Here’s two Bonus Apps that we came across!




Want to connect with other girl bosses locally, or while traveling?

LORI (Lady’s Owned Resource Index) is a mobile app which finds the closest woman owned businesses to your current location.

The app uses GPS to locate you and find the closest female owned businesses.

Download Lori 







It’s important to develop a daily fitness routine, however, we may not always have the access or the motivation to workout.

With BurnThis, you can sign up for fitness classes straight off your phone.

Plus there’s a fun social media element to the app where you can follow people and/or be followed by others. Now, you can expand your fitness community and discover new classes and workouts.



Know of any other helpful apps? Share with us know in the comments section below!

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