5 Inexpensive Small Business Ideas For Your Inner Entrepreneur

Want to start your own business, set your own schedule, and create your own brand– but you have no idea where or how to start?

Let’s start off by getting inspired! When we SEE things, our mind can create a new way to do it by adding a personal touch or niche. Once you have that “ah-ha!” moment and you’re inspired, your mind tells you, “let’s get this shit done!”

Inspiration brings excitement and enthusiasm to your life. The colors get brighter, the ideas get bigger, but the fear seems to get stronger, right? — Fuck Fear! That’s right Fuck it, because fear is an illusion. It is ‘False Evidence Appearing Real’. So why are we allowing this false evidence hold us back from fulfilling our dreams? Enough is enough! Women are becoming the leading gender in Entrepreneurship, and we’ve got the brains to prove it.

Here are 5 inexpensive small business ideas for female entrepreneurs that you can start today!

Also, get to know a few of my favorite women who are creating their own lanes, and curating their own styles by chasing their dreams.

(psst, they once had a dream just like you)





Screenshot_2015-10-12-14-59-01-1Event/Wedding Planner:

Love being involved in the process of event planning? Love creating memorable experiences for your guest? Making accommodations, and just getting shit done?

Look into starting your own event planning company. Now-a-days with media platforms like Pinterest, and Instagram, you can get inspiration right from your phone. Instagram Account like @ChloeCookEvents shares tons of incredible ideas that will inspire you to become the elite event planner you’ve always dreamt of.


You can start by looking here for more info —> How To Start an Event Planning Career service


Jewelry Making

Jewelry making can be one of the most beautiful, and rewarding experiences. Not only do you get to create original, and timeless pieces, you also get to explore unlimited creative possibilities which can be very self-rewarding, and lucrative.

Ever want a custom piece of jewelry that was made just for you? Or would you like to create your own jewelry line with hopes of getting it into a major department store? There are endless possibilities in the crafts department. Girls all over the world have gone to Etsy to display their custom hand made pieces, and their make a living off of it.

My great friend, Jessenia Landrum started her own Jewelry line, Bai Juice, and has designed a website dedicated to handmade jewelry, accessories, and inspiration. Check it out HERE


Also, read how This Girl Paid Off Her College Tuition Selling Through Etsy


Yoga InsScreenshot_2015-10-12-15-01-36-1tructor

Are you big on yoga? Does it make you feel balanced, and zen’d out? Or having you been wanting to give yoga a shot, but never had the courage to do so?

Girl, get up and stretch that body all the way to entrepreneurship. Women all over the world are sharing their experience through yoga classes, and yoga sessions with friends. Some women, on the other hand have started movements and built their careers by sharing their amazing journey’s to becoming master yogi’s.

Get inspired by Sanaa Jaman, known as @LadyDork. She is a yoga specialist who began her journey back in 2013, and hasn’t looked back since.


Get your yoga journey started by following her on Instagram, and buying her book– it’ll bring you to ‘The Starting Point‘ <—– (see what I did there?)


Chef/Catering BusinessScreenshot_2015-10-12-11-48-28-1

Do your friends call you requesting a special dish, or asking you to “Save me a plate”? Do you sit on Pinterest for hours looking up new cuisines, and recipes?

How about starting your own local food business, or catering service? As mentioned, with Pinterest, and Instagram you can get inspired in the kitchen and fulfill that life long dream of becoming a chef or even opening your own restaurant. (my mom’s drScreenshot_2015-10-12-11-48-38-1eam)


Chef’s like Resha, Founder of Carnal Dish, and known on social media as @kanyebreast — has taken her skills in the kitchen, and brought them to the stage of Dr. Oz. The possibilities are endless! Whether she’s sharing homemade recipes, or creating new dishes , Ms, Resha creates mouth-watering visuals, that will have your stomach growling. Check out her IG page, and get inspired. (Mom, I hope you’re reading this!)


Check this out to learn How To Start Your Own Catering Business



Platforms such as Instagram, Tumblr, and more have inspired people everywhere to express their inner photographer. I find dozens of photographs shot by amateurs that look like their worth a million bucks, and guess what? There not, but people still pay for it.

Then there are other people who are truly passionate about the craft. Only the most disciplined and studious people will spend years of editing, research and creating their signature style of shooting, just to share their art with the world.

One Photographer that I truly admire is, Raven B. Varona. I stumbled aScreenshot_2015-10-12-16-26-18-1cross Raven’s twitter page a few years back, and I’ve been following her growth ever since. What I’ve learned about Raven is that she took her passion, and turned it into her paycheck. That right, Baby girl put herself in the position to do what she loves full time!

Now, you can catch her shooting some of today’s dopest rappers, and entertainers at major industry parties, and curated events.


Check out her work HERE & Follow her on IG @ravieb



If these women can turn their passions into paychecks, so can you!

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