I met Fabienne aka Fab Roc about a year ago at a workshop hosted by herself and “She’s Beauty and the Beast” Founder, Tracy G.

The setting was very intimate and provided me along with 11 other women the opportunity to connect and share our goals with one another. During the workshop, we paired up and shared a few things about ourselves — I was paired with Fab. I explained how I really wanted to get into radio (podcasting), but I hated my voice. Without hesitation, she quickly encouraged me to give it a try and mentioned that she thought my voice sounded good! — At the time, this was very motivating for me because I’ve never openly shared a “fear” with someone I had just met.

Fab’s chill vibes not only put me at ease, they assured me that she wasn’t just feeding me bullshit because we were in fact, attending a positive, purpose finding workshop. I knew it was only a matter of time before Fab turned her own dreams into reality.

fabroc3 fabroc1

9 months later, I picked up the September issue of Essence Mag featuring the Obama’s on the cover and guess who was being featured inside? –> Fab Roc!!

After spinning at Essence Street Style Block Party, Fab had the opportunity to sit down for an interview with Chevy’s Passion Pursuit and shared what it’s like to work a 9 to 5 while pursuing her dreams of becoming a full-time DJ.

Watch above.


Follow her vibes on social media : @kurlsxkreole

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