“Never compromise who you are personally to become who you wish to be professionally,” & “As for work, ‘Discipline’ ain’t a dirty word.”

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Janice Bryant Howroyd, founder and CEO of ACT-1 Group, has built the largest employment agency in the United States owned by a minority woman.

1 of 11 children from North Carolina, Howroyd launched her business in 1978, with $900. For almost 40-yrs now, Janice has been helping citizens with employment opportunities, and providing ‘Hope’ to individuals who are looking for a second chance. Mrs. Howroyd’s focus and determination has turned her passion into a Billion Dollar Empire.

My mother used to always tell us, ‘In order to be outstanding, sometimes you’re just gonna have to stand out,’ so I grew from that root of really working forward, not being held back.”

This week, she had the chance to sit with a special TODAY correspondent, Jenna Bush Hager. Ms. Howroyd shared her grounded upbringing, the continual support from her parents, her mantras for success, and of course… her idol.

Her four core principals are: (Take notes!)

1. Make sure you’re prepared.

2. Understand what the goal is.

3. Understand that all of those around, particularly family, are part of that success.

4. Always find a moment of gratitude and be grateful along the journey.

Also check out Ms. Howroyd’s book:The Art of Work- How to Make Work, Work for You!

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