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Almost every aspiring female entrepreneur has picked up a copy of Sophia Amoruso‘s New York Best Seller; #GirlBoss.

Filled with testimonies, laughs, adventure, and empowerment, GirlBoss details Sophia’s life, and inspires you to get out there and kick-ass. From dumpster digging, to ebay seller, to CEO, Sophia’s journey is the epitome of a fashion entrepreneurs dreams!

–But, is being a #girlboss everything that it’s cracked up to be? Is it worth the risks? — Absolutely! It’s totally worth all of that, plus more! The real question is: Do you have what it takes to be a GirlBoss?

As the author of a guide to being a badass women in business, Sophia has faced her share of challenges while being transparent about what it really takes to be successful and defining success on her own terms.

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In her interview with Tanya Klich from, I learned a few things from Sophia’s challenges which caused her to step down as CEO of Nasty Gal, and take her ‘GirlBoss’ journey in a different direction.

As I thought about Sophia’s story, I was reminded of the “Rules” she defined in #GirlBoss, and it’s clear that she still lives by a few of them today.


Once you put yourself on the cover of a book with your hands on your hips in a power pose, you become another thing,” Amoruso tells Entrepreneur.

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The straight and narrow is not the only path to success. 

Last Year, Nasty Gal faced a decrease in sales, 10% of her staff was laid off, and a few months later Sophia stepped down as CEO. Following her role transition, Nasty Gal was slapped with a discrimination lawsuit. (talk about a whole lot of changes, in a short period of time) However, these changes only become challenges for Sophia to learn from and overcome.

” This happens with the territory. I know what I’ve done and I know what the company has done. It’s unfortunate how some things have been, but they’re part of character development and of the company developing character. It can’t all be a straight line. “

Detailed in the book, #GirlBoss, Sophia talks about building the brand through intuition rather than a calculated business plan. In the interview she shared a bit of insight as to how important a business plan is.

” Venture capital did some really great things for Nasty Gal. It gave us the opportunity to build realistic expectations into our future, financially, which was challenging. But it was a company that was built without a business plan so when you inject a ton of capital into a company like that, it can make things a little messy. And while I was celebrated as an entrepreneur who didn’t go to business school who raised a ton of money from venture capital, being that person or having that plan from the beginning would have been very awesome. “


A #GirlBoss knows when to throw punches and when to roll with them.

Since stepping down as CEO, Sophia decided to focus more on creative decisions, like casting and photography. In the mist of the many changes that have taken place between Sophia, and her self-started Company, she has stepped up in her role as a leader and mentor, embarking on a nationwide bus tour (#GirlBuss). –of course!

photo credit: Sophia Amoruso

photo credit: Sophia Amoruso

This leadership role has also inspired her to launch a foundation awarding grants to young women entrepreneurs, a career column for Marie Claire and a podcast in partnership with Slate.


Bet On Yourself.

With experience comes wisdom. Throughout this amazing journey, Sophia has learned that “Success is a term you define yourself

” It’s not about being at the top it’s about being deliberate in life choices. It’s not getting shoved into something because that’s what people want for you. It’s about knowing yourself to make educated decisions and being educated in your own desires. If your dream is to be the best stay-at-home mom then you would be as much as a Girlboss as a woman aspiring to whatever else.” — ” Success is about resilience and self-reflection. If it doesn’t work the first time just keep doing it as long as you have a product or idea that’s great.”

Be on the lookout for Sophia’s GirlBuss, in celebration of the paperback release of  “#GirlBoss“.

Read full interview HERE

Illustrations: #GirlBoss by Sophia Amoruso

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