photo credit: Mehrunnisa Wani

photo credit: Mehrunnisa Wani

“I didn’t have a roadmap, I just did it because it was meaningful to me and I wanted to disrupt the beauty industry.” – Michelle Phan

In 2007, Michelle Phan uploaded her first video to youtube- a natural makeup tutorial, and within a week Michelle was up to 40,000 views. — This is when she realized she has found her calling.

8-years later, Michelle’s YouTube page is now at an estimated 8 million subscribers, and over 1 billion views. Last month, her subscription beauty sampling business, Ipsy, raised $100 million to value the company at over $500 million.

“Influence is the new power–if you have influence you can create a brand,” said Phan.

Using her influence, Lancome hired Michelle as their first official video makeup artist, which then lead to her creating a makeup line called ‘Em’ with L’Oreal.

“The beauty of the internet is there’s a niche market for everything and if you can focus on it you can build a sustainable and viable business of it,”

You can read the full article HERE, & Press PLAY on the video above to learn how Michelle Phan used her influence to create a $500 million brand, and find her purpose.  –(We HIGHLY suggest you take notes!)

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