Your new favorite app has arrived!

Last year, tech publicist Amanda Spann launched Alchomy— the drink recipe and bar locator app, along with Sheena Allen, founder of Sheena Allen Apps. Whether you’re out of town looking for a hip spot serving the perfect drinks, or you’re at home hosting ladies night and looking for a new drink recipe that will impress your friends, Alchomy serves as your “cocktail concierge”.

” Alchomy is a drink discovery community for sharing, saving, and recommending adult beverages. We curate the platform by your taste and location to help you find the right drinks and the right drinks find you.”

The tagline “Where Great Spirits Meet” will have you excited to indulge in all 16,000 recipes curated by bartenders and drink masters all over the world. Alchomy allows you to geo tag local bars in your area, find drinks within your price point, and discover new locations to vibe out with your friends especially when you’re looking for something “new” to do. In a interview on Conscious TV, Spann explains how she’s been pretty fearless throughout this whole process, and how she found the “Alchomy team”.

“Fear wasn’t an emotion I associated with Alchomy. I feel confident in Alchomy, I’ve always felt confident about Alchomy. I feel Alchomy’s gunna be successful, so there’s no fear.”

iPhone users can download the app here — sorry Androiders, we have to wait a bit. 🙁

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