Tracy G Releases ‘Love, Light And That Good Shit’ Audio Affirmations EP

Meet Tracy G, your gal in growth, partner in progress and your personal affirmation avenger…

or as she puts it:  Self-Talk Strategist. Edutainer. Trillass Individual — all of the above.



She’s a dope soul who runs with a super squad every morning on “Sway In The Morning” with the legendary Sway Calloway. Former writer for Vibe Magazine, Marie Claire, Rolling Stones, Essence and Complex, (damn, girl) you may have witnessed some of her dope girl magic on VH1, BET, MTV/MTV2, Revolt, Fuse and many other networks.

In 2015, the G that be Tracy, released #Shesbeautyandthebeast, an audio experience carefully and thoughtfully crafted for boldass and badass women. #shesbeautyandthebeast changed my life, y’all! Seriously. I caught wind of her audio affirmations scrolling down my Instagram timeline and it was like the sky parted just so I could put my chin to the clouds and feel liberated.

Most of us look in the mirror every morning and recite our hand-written affirmations on post-its, inspired by the last episode of Being Mary Jane– and this is great! But what I love most about Tracy’s audio affirmations is you can take them on the go. Need a mid-day reminder of how blessed you are? Press play. A pep talk so you can step your ass into greatness? Press Play. A partner in crime on The Pursuit of Self Love? Press play already!

Now, Tracy is taking audio affirmations and personal development to another level– which proves to there’s levels to this shit– as she releases her debut audio EP: “Love, Light + That Good Sh*t”


Created, curated and crafted for your personal indulgence, Tracy connects with your soul and embeds her words of wisdom into your cranium to help develop you into the beautiful beast you are. (seriously, yo. this chicks has a way with words. Its a straight up mind fuck- she gets that deep!)

Cop “Love, Light + That Good Shit” now and head over to soundcloud and get a dosage of goodness, for free.


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