Zendaya Coleman is creating her own path, and there’s no one who can stop her.

The former Disney star is adding ‘Shoe Designer’ to her resume. Zendaya has shared her personal style dozens of times on red carpets, but now you can add her “Daya” shoe line to your collection. The Collection is also in collaboration with her stylist, Law Roach. Together, they’ve designed high heels, fringed flats, summery sandals and sporty wedge sneakers, which will range in prices from $125 to $175.

Zendaya shares the inspiration behind the brand:

“I was inspired by everyday women,” she tells PEOPLE. “And I was inspired a lot by my niece — she’s in college — and my sister, who’s a working woman with two kids and a husband. I constantly ask them how do they find stuff, how much would they pay for a good shoe and what they are looking for [in a shoe.”



During the Debut of “Daya”, Zendaya spoke with People StyleWatch about the type of collection she’s created.

“A lot of women are like me — it’s either sneakers or it’s heels, there’s no in between,” she says. “I’m a tomboy, so there are a lot of times where I want to have that tomboy edge and feminize it.”

She also adds…

“I want to give every kind of woman an option. You have your simple work shoe, you have your summer wedge. Not every girl wants to wear heels; sometimes wedges are more sturdy. You have everything. Everything for every lady out there.”

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