10 Habits of A Self-Made Girl Boss

Everyone wants to be Boss, but do you have the Habits of A Girl Boss?

There are 10 habits Girl Bosses posses:

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No. 1: Girl Bosses are FRUGAL. (we’ll, at least they start off that way)

I am pretty sure you’ve heard the saying “rich people are cheap” and for the most part, it’s true. It takes money to make money and how can you have that money if you’re online with your rent money buying the latest shoes or $600 purse? Wealthy people are frugal with everything! They buy used cars for reliability, not image. Believe it or not, but some Girl Bosses pack their lunches, not spend $20-30/day on take out. Once again… It takes money to make money.

No.2: Girl Bosses dream BIG, and desire working for themselves more than they do building someone else’s dream.

Think bigger than waiting on an annual 3% raise from your boss. Think about the raises you will give your employees because you ARE the BOSS. Making your first million does not come easy, and few people are surprised when they obtain their goal, but long before reaching that goal, Girl Bosses know they want to get there. Think BIG, Live BIG.

No. 3: Girl Bosses take calculated risks.

I know a couple of people that were searching for start-up money for their businesses– some invested in stock, and others cashed out their 401(K). When you’re taking risks, think of the long-term success. The rewards of success are far greater than the cost of failure.

No. 4: Girl Bosses Network.

I am a firm believer that you cannot climb to the top alone. A million times we have heard the saying “ it’s not what you know, it’s who you know”. Get out there and network! Build powerful contacts in all areas of your life. Your Network equals your Net WORTH. Girl Bosses are wise enough to know that their next employer(e), customer, or business partner may be anywhere, but you can’t find them if you don’t get out there.

No. 5: Girl Bosses don’t pay interest, they earn it, avoid debt and in most cases find a way to fix their debt.

Save, invest, and find ways to make interest from the things you indulge in. Some Girl Bosses (millionaires) even lend out money to earn interest back. There are easy ways to save money and earn interest while doing it! The first and easiest step is to open an online savings account, ie: ING savings account, and begin stashing away extra money-automatically-every month.

No. 6: Girl Bosses are FOCUSED.

Nowadays it is very easy to get distracted from your goals with all of the technology we have, social networking, and media surrounding us. It is very important to focus on the big picture, and avoiding being distracted by all of that “noise”. Girl Bosses work feverishly around the clock to make their dreams into a reality. Girl Bosses rarely know what’s going on in the land of television, the latest on reality shows, and other nonsense. (Unless they are in related field that require them being in the “know”). One thing they know is the progress they have acquired by staying focused. “The difference between dreamers and performers is not the number or ideas one has, but how one focuses on executing the best ideas.”

No. 7: Girl Bosses do whatever it takes.

Every Girl Boss has a success story! We constantly read and hear about success stories from our favorite entrepreneurs, artist, and actors, but the common denominator for each story is SACRIFICE. I’ve read stories about people sleeping in cars, sacrificing sleep, their jobs, relationships, and fun nights with friends for the one thing they want the most.. SUCCESS. Give up the hours you spend on social networks for the success you want. Give up the nights at the clubs for the success you want. DO WHAT IT TAKES TO BE WHERE YOUR DREAMS CAN TAKE YOU. Girl Bosses ENDURE PAIN, BUT PAIN SUBSIDES.. PAIN IS TEMPORARY.

No. 8: Girl Bosses educate themselves.

Some people think, “I’ll never be able to build this company the way I envisioned it because I did not attend college” or “ No one will hire me because I do not have a college degree”FALSE. Educate yourself! You do not have to possess a degree from Harvard or Yale to be a successful Entrepreneur. Do the research! Be passionate! & Drive yourself in the direction of success. No education can teach you how to dream. Education can not teach you how to be passionate, but if you educate yourself– that shows you have the willingness to learn, and that’s what it takes to be successful.

No. 9: Girl Bosses Lead.

Would you follow someone who is not a leader? The same qualities enabling people to earn millions make them natural leaders. Once you’ve made the decision to become a Girl Boss, you have already taken the first step in becoming a leader, rather than following the flock.

No. 10: Girl Bosses are generous.

This does not mean that your Girl Boss friends/family members will shower you with gifts. This simply means that Girl Bosses are busy donating to far worthier causes. One of the perks of being a successful Girl Boss is having the ability to share your fortune with the less fortunate, making a difference in your community, and becoming a philanthropist.

Begin developing the habits of a Girl Boss, and become one, rather than just dreaming of being one.

— Can you think of any other Girl Boss Habits? Let’s us know in the comment section below!

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