5 Ways A Leader Considers Her Worth In The Office

Work hard, know your shit, show your shit, and then feel entitled,” — “Because confidence is like respect; you have to earn it.” – Mindy Kaling

When it comes to knowing your self worth, it’s imperative to know it in the work place as well.



What are your credentials?

Start off by making a list of your skills, and accomplishments. Do you have a Degree? Training, or intern experience? What other forms of education do you possess?

Are you an expert in a specific area? Are you a great organizer? Motivator? the ultimate networker? or do you have a great social media influence? What are your strengths? Weaknesses? and which areas would you like to improve first?

Now take a look at your list. Reflect on all of your accomplishments, skills, strengths, and weaknesses. This will give you an understanding of where you stand professionally.

Ask yourself, how can you come up with new and innovative ways to use your background and skills to improve a business? Compiling this list will help you understand where you have an advantage over others. It will help you define what you bring to the table. Visually seeing your skills and attributes will give you the confidence to know that you possess attributes that could put you in a higher position, or give you the courage to take the risk and work for yourself.

Once you reflect on your achievements and abilities, you will walk into your next interview or meeting confident enough to get the pay you deserve.


What is your work ethic like?

I don’t think we stress the importance of hard work. I know you’ve heard the saying : “Hard work beats talent, when talent fails to work hard”, and it’s true. I’ve witnessed some of the most talented people become nothing because they banked on talent alone. I’ve also witnessed people without an ounce of talent go the furthest in life, and become incredibly successful. Why? because again, Hard work beats talent.

Do you possess a work ethic like the people you admire or idolize? Do you work harder than everyone else?

Some people think clocking into their shift on time, and putting in their 8-hours is enough. In order to separate yourself from average people you have to work 10 times harder than they do. Show up to work an hour earlier than scheduled, and get an early start on your day. Preparing for success will put you in the position to receive success.

Most of us operate out of fear, which holds us back from tapping into our potential. Are you making sacrifices to become the best in your industry? How much time do you spend on perfecting your craft outside of the work place?

In Malcolm Gladwell’s book, Outliers, he speaks of the 10,000 hour rule, which implies that it takes 10,000 hours of practice to become a first-class expert in your particular field of work. Although you may not need to put in 10,000 hours to become great at something, but understand that consistency, persistence, practice, and the passion behind your actions will take you further than you could ever imagine.

Align your daily habits, and schedule to reflect your work ethic.

Remember Kanye stated in his song Spaceship:
Y’all can’t match my hustle
You can’t catch my hustle
You can’t fathom my love dude
Lock yourself in a room doing 5 beats a day for 3 summers— I deserve to do these numbers.

(You get out what you put in!)


Evaluate the Company

Before submitting your resume, and your time to a company, do your research.

Does the company’s values align with your values? Can you see yourself being a valuable asset to help their mission?

It is extremely important that you do your homework, and learn everything you can about a company before walking into an interview. Having knowledge of who you’ll be working for, and their background could determine your longevity with the company. This will also give you an advantage over the other candidates when the interviewer asks, “So, what do you know about (company name)?”

Research advancement opportunities, and potential for growth. If you do not see any type of advancement opportunities, ask yourself this, — if they are not willing to provide opportunities for you to grow, how will you ever grow?

It is essential to put yourself in a position that requires you to step outside of your comfort zone and try new things. We can become complacent, and stagnant if we continue to settle for good enough.

If your workload becomes repetitive, and you find yourself day dreaming of being elsewhere, that may be clear indication that you’ve served your purpose, and now it’s time for you to expand your vision.


Are you being paid your worth?

Some time ago, I was offered a position for an independent company. At the time I was new to the city, and working odd jobs to gain some experience for my resume. Although I had 3-years of experience, and a management role in my industry of choice, I was offered something way below my pay grade. I humbly accepted the position because I knew my hard work would pay off and get me the pay grade I deserved.

Two years later after working my ass off, building the company a blog, managing their social media (which was not apart of my job description) and taking care of their business operationally, I found out that every employee before, and after me were paid more.


Did they have more experience than I did? No. Did they provide better service than I did? No. — The issue was much deeper than that. — When I reflected back to my hiring process with this particular company, I remember the hiring manager saying to me, “You’re worth more than what the owner is offering you.”

Understand and know your PAY worth, as well as your PERSONAL worth. I understand when push comes to shove, sometimes you have to humble yourself and prove you deserve it, but knowing it before going into a situation will set you apart from someone like myself who was simply doing what she had to do to get by.

There’s nothing wrong with accepting a lower position in order to put yourself in a better position, but know that going in. Don’t wait until 2-years later to decide that you’ve had enough and you need to be paid your worth. Know that shit from the start! Then properly plan, and calculate how you are going to get the pay grade you deserve.

Ask yourself, “Is this the end all, be all, or could I do better?” What is the company offering as a benefit package? Do you have other benefits, and vacation time? Take every bit of the company’s structure and filter out what will work for you and what will not. Always make room for compromising, but also know how to negotiate.

Sometime I look back and kick myself for not negotiating my hourly pay, however, back then I didn’t understand my worth.

Know yours.


Train your mind

Great workers are also great thinkers. If you understand the laws of the universe, then you will understand that like attracts like. What you think about you bring about. Don’t believe me? Take a moment and think of a situation where you focused on something with so much energy that it ended up showing up at your front door. It happens all the time, and the outcome it can create is very real.

Training your mind is all about conditioning it to think positive thoughts over negative. The moment you have a negative thought, instantly replace it with a positive one. What great about the laws of the universe is that it picks up on consistent energy. So, if you have a negative thought for a split second, don’t worry about that thought coming to fruition right away. It is when we choose to focus on negativity, which creates a constant flow of negative energy to the universe. The universe cannot tell if it’s a positive thought or not, the universe only knows how to conspire to our thoughts and desires. It doesn’t filter out good or bad for our security, it simple acts as a genie, and our wish (thought) is the universe’s command.

Do you have affirmations that you repeat to yourself on a daily basis? If not, create some. If you do, share them with others! You can even share them in the comment section below, but it’s vital that you share your positive energy with others. -Remember, like attracts like. What ever you’re putting out into the universe will come back to you in the same form. It may not be the same situation, however, if you walk around with a nasty attitude, expect people to treat you accordingly.

Ask yourself, what are you putting out there? What does your energy say? – Who you are, and how you act is what you attract to yourself. – So, Yes, Basically, what you ARE, you receive.

Write a list of affirmations and mantras that you will repeat to yourself on a daily basis. Try this for 20 days to create a routine. It’s great to set a designated time and space to speak these words to life. Focus solely on your desires. Sit and visualize the success you want, the office you would like to work from, the team of people that you would like to surround yourself with, and the places you would love to go. If you can see it in your mind, you will see it in reality. Think about this, there is NOTHING created on this planet that didn’t start in the mind first.

Your mind is a fertile source of energy. An open filed of untapped active potential, train your mind to think great things, and you will begin to live a great life.


Have any other method’s you use in the work place to sustain your value? Share it with us in the comment section below!


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