7 Ways A Successful Girlboss Starts Her Day

Some of the most successful people have a daily ritual or routine that helps them stay focused on their dreams and desires. If you’re anything like me then it’s extremely vital to have some type of “schedule” or “bigger purpose” in order to stay fully committed.

After countless failed attempts, I then challenged myself to a “30-day morning realignment”. In order to step out of my old habits, I had to get my ass up at 5:30am every morning and take on new ones.

Here are 7 ways you can start your morning to stay focused, clear headed, and energized throughout your day.





Early awakening will give you time to clear your mind, and set your days intentions.

As soon as you open your eyes… Give Thanks! Say a big, “Thank you GOD!”

There is nothing more satisfying to God’s ears than hearing that you are grateful to receive your first blessing of the day.. Life.

Give thanks for everything including, your toes, the hair on your head, your family, and even your bills!– yes, your bills! Be grateful that you are able to afford those monthly payments for the services you need. Showing gratitude is activating the universe to continue to pour out that goodness that you’re receiving at that very moment.

It feels good to be grateful, it’s called.. Blessed. (praying hands emoji)




Take 15-20 minutes, and sit in the quietest area of your house.

Breathe deeply, and soak in all of life around you.

Take a moment not only to reflect on living in that current moment, but also the things you just showed gratitude towards.

Once you’re mind is completely quiet, focus on the things you want to accomplish for the day.

Envision yourself performing the tasks, and making the phone calls.

Picture the people you will interact with, the conversations you will have, and the goals you will accomplish.

Once you have these visions in your mind, it is then easier for you to perform the tasks because you’ve now SEEN yourself doing them. You’re envisioning yourself doing things you may feel are impossible, or things that you may have been holding off because of fear. — f!@# fear!




Beginning your day with powerful words can shape and mold your world.

Surround yourself with positive quotes, or prayers and feel the words as you read them to yourself.

Open up a book of affirmations and speak the words out loud to yourself in the mirror.– If you don’t have time to read, listen to my girl Tracy G’s Audio Vision Boards on your way to begin your day.

Believe in the words you speak, and you will see those words transform your life into everything you’ve spoken, or envisioned.

There is power in words. “Be impeccable with your word”. — Don Miguel Ruiz, The Four Agreements



The best way to begin your day is by getting your adrenalin pumping. Working out is essential especially if you plan to have the type of energy necessary to run a business. What are your fitness goals? What are your overall health goals? Get them checked off that list! Remember, you are your brand. How you look will determine how you feel, and we all know when we feel good — it’s lit!




— Finally, food.

Make sure you begin your day with a healthy, yet satisfying meal.

Give your body the fuel it needs in the morning, and it will give you the energy you deserve to get through your day.

You wouldn’t think of going the whole day driving your car on ‘E’ right? Don’t do it to your body.


To-Do List


It is extremely important to WRITE THINGS DOWN, and set your day up for success!

Writing things down increases your chances of getting things done, and of course, staying on schedule.

Set up your day.

Write out all of the things you will accomplish.

Set deadlines next to each item on your list, then prioritize your days tasks.

Challenge yourself by adding 5 people to your list, that you will make a connection with that day.

Send that email! Make that phone call! Whatever you do, get that shit done!

You will thank yourself once you begin to see your day by day efforts turn into results. 🙂


Spread your love + light


Now it’s time to take all of that positive energy that you created this morning, and share it with the world!

Like attracts, like, so the energy you put out, you receive back. It’s simple. So don’t be shy, let the world know that you are filled with love, and it’s all for free!

— & every once in a while throughout the day, check on your energy. Is it still positive? Is it aligning you with the right interactions and opportunities? If not, take a moment, and handle it. Say a prayer, and get yourself back in the groove. You are responsible for everything within your control, that includes your energy and attitude.


Life is simply what you make it.

Now, Go be GREAT, and show the world what a fearless, badass woman you are!

Spread love. Receive Love.

God is love!


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