“The ‘I Can Be’ Girls Confidence Conference will be a unique experience for tween girls ages 8 – 12 where they can be comfortable and accepted being who they (are) and learn how to confidently go after their dreams.”

We are in an age where superficiality rules, perception is based on the number of followers you have, and confidence is either built or destroyed by a “Like” button.

We’ve witnessed girls and women of various ages and backgrounds, lower their self-confidence and morals for the attention of “followers”. NOW more than ever we need to instill CONFIDENCE into our young women, and teach them that “Real life love, trumps digital life “likes” any day” – as my girl @itstracyg puts it.

So the question is, who will be the leaders of self-love, and confidence for our youth?

Meet 10-Year old Olivia Allen, the mastermind behind the “I Can Be: Girls Confidence Conference“.


–Yes, You read that correctly. At 10-years old, this future Philanthropist organized and hosted an event that will forever live in the hearts, and minds of the 50 girls in attendance.

She once mentioned to her mother, “Every time I see a homeless person, I just want to raise money to buy them a house.” So, her mother suggested she begin doing something for her community, and that’s when Miss Olivia took action. In March, Olivia held a toy drive which collected over 100 toys for Kosair Charities, and a month later she held a food drive for underprivileged kids in her community.

At the ‘I Can Be: Girls Confidence Conference’, Olivia curated workshops on physical, social and psychological challenges young girls face, mainly by tackling wavering self-esteem. Being a pre-teen herself, Olivia is very aware of the type of confidence young girls may lack during the stages of puberty.

“It’s important to give back,” Allen told The Huffington Post. “There are a lot of people in our community and if I help someone, they’ll help someone else… and it will be a cycle.”

It’s clear that this young woman has her heart and head in the right place. Watch & press PLAY above as Olivia Allen gives her audience the courage they need to be confident. — Adults, we should be taking notes too.

Click HERE to read more, and learn about Olivia’s future plans for the Girl Confidence Conference.

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