When I think of Wall Street, not only does The Wolf of Wall Street come to mind, but also, I picture a bunch of sharks, eating each other alive for the almighty dollar, and power. Another thing that comes to mind is the lack of diversity in such a predominate market, However, the great people over at UrbanIntellectuals, have highlighted one of the greatest stories out of Wall Street.

Suzanne Shank is Wall Streets one, if not, only African-American women to take charge and become a Trillion Dollar Woman. Shank heads a publicly traded financial services institution. This came after being promoted to CEO of Siebert Financial Corporation (a broker/deal institutional investment bank founded by Muriel Seibert).

There is no doubt that this woman is what we call, a force to be reckoned with.

Shank is also the CEO of Siebert Brandford Shank & Co. LLC. Now, running multiple businesses, especially one being a publicly traded financial service institution, is not easy work, however Shank is a mastermind that has balanced her life, and her business effortlessly.

Keep in mind that NOTHING happens over night. Everything you do will require hard work, and many sacrifices. Did you ever think you would read a headline about a “Trillion Dollar Black Woman”? Probably not, but there is hope in each and every one of us!

This powerful, black woman is one to remember as her trailblazing ways will continue to inspire, develop, nurture and create more and more great minds in our community.

Thank you for highlighting such an important female figure who deserves to be celebrated for her hard work, dedication, and incredible success. You can read more about Suzanne Shank HERE.

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