Photo by Mike Coppola

Photo by Mike Coppola

For decades, women of all backgrounds in the film industry have expressed their feelings due to the lack of support, and “fairness” against them.  Recently, Jennifer Lawrence called out the industry for the financial gap amongst men and women, and we all witnessed the amazing speech held by Mrs. Viola Davis at the Emmy’s.


These women, amongst many others have spoken out against the way we are treated in business. However, unlike before, their voices will not be silenced.

“As women we have been underrepresented in the stories that are written, produced, and directed,” said Jane Rosenthal, CEO of Tribeca Enterprises and Co-Founder of TFI. “We need to support one another and I am proud that with Chanel we can cultivate, support, and empower women storytellers.”

Tribeca Enterprises and Chanel have teamed up to create an experience for female writers, creators, and short-film directors.

The program is called Through Her Lens: The Tribeca Chanel Women’s Filmmaker Program. It is a multi-faceted, three-day program designed to support emerging U.S.-based female writers and directors of short-form narrative films.

The program is presented by Tribeca and Chanel in collaboration with Pulse Films, and facilitated by Tribeca Film Institute (TFI). The program is designed to discover and empower seven up and coming filmmakers with project support, one-on-one mentorship, master classes, and peer-to-peer sessions.

The program will help film makers with a pitch presentation before a jury of industry experts, as one filmmaker will be awarded $75,000 to make her film with the support of Pulse Films and production by Tribeca Digital Studios.

click here for a full list of the committee, and the films selected


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