Teens go hungry each day at school due to lack of financial stability at home. This not only causes extreme hunger pains and embarrassment, it also causes lack of focus and physical damage. ‘

Students at Washington High School in North Carolina are taking action, and fighting hunger.

Erin Lewis, along with several other classmates, and their supervisor are taking initiative, and lending a helping hand to hungry students by creating an anonymous food pantry on campus.

“We wanted to focus on those that need it, but they don’t want to tell us that they need it,” said Lewis

It offers students non-perishable goods as many times as they need it with no questions asked. There are no advertisements or flyers for the resource. It is all done by word of mouth– anonymously.

“It’s the idea that we’re not just here to teach you the material that you need to know to pass a test,” — “We’re here to educate you for life. Part of that is nourishing the whole student, mind and body, and when we do both of those things we know students will have great outcomes.” – says project supervisor Laura Thompson.

Click here to watch the video, and to learn more.

What action can you take to help others in need? Let us know what you’ve done in the comment section below.


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